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Welcome to Snow Trax

Welcome to the Snow Trax website.

I’ve started this blog to tell you about a product that I am developing and let you know a little bit more about me.

My name is Ben Jeater, and when I am not working as a product manager, I spend my time coming up with business and product ideas while dreaming about being on the slopes, enjoying a formidably sized beer after a long day of skiing.

Yes, you read that right; my first love is skiing, not snowboarding, so the Snow Trax product is going to seem incongruent with me as a person, but please bear with me while I explain the pre-amble to this product idea…

I have some great friends who love snowboarding, the problem is I spend a large amount of time waiting for them and their ilk.  A day of skiing with snowboarders is (invariably) punctuated with 2-minute waits at the top and bottom of every lift while the unclipping/clipping process is performed, and it doesn’t get much better once we’re on the slope either.

A relaxed carving masterclass down a smooth-as-silk red followed by a quarter-mile run-out to the next lift leaves me cursing under my breath while I await the arrival of the snowboarding contingent. The boarders wobble around trying to keep an edge as the slopes angle disappears (probably while calling each other “bro”), slowing their arrival speed down to a pathetic crawl.  My options were limited to two:

  1. Get new friends…No; I’m older now, and making friends is hard.
  2. Start snowboarding…I could, but then I’d lose all my friends who ski.

As I sat in the chalet this winter analysing these two options, a 3rd option formed in my mind; what if snowboarding could be better more practical?

And from that idea, the snowboard add-on that I now call Snow Trax was born.

That’s all great, Ben; but what is it?

Snow Trax is a couple of electric motors, connected to some tracks (like a small snowmobile), that you can fit to your snowboard.  You can board normally on the slopes, but as soon as the going gets less conducive to the snowboarding process, you can flick out the tracks and power yourself along the run at up to 20mph.

No more being dragged by skiers, no more getting stuck in dips, no more walking to the next slope because you caught an edge as you tried to carry your speed to cross the 500 metres of snow-covered field at the bottom of the piste.  Think how much fun it would be to pick your daily routes based on where you want to go, rather than the runs that are steep enough to keep your speed up?  Imagine removing the pratfalls you suffer as a snowboarder when you need to stop?  Doesn’t that sound magical?

So here’s my dream, to bring my idea to life.

As of today, the design is finished and the parts are out to quote.  My only problem is product development isn’t cheap!  Samples will be built, tests will be performed, quotes will be received, but then I will need YOUR help.  I’m going to take the Snow Trax to Kickstarter in summer 2018, ready to ship for the 2018/19 season!!!

I hope at this point you’re salivating at the idea of such an amazing piece of machinery, longing for the day you motor past skiers through tree-lined runs; I understand that about you, it’s part of why you’re awesome AND it means you want to know when the Kickstarter campaign goes live, right?

Keeping in touch is going to be really easy, just pop your email address in the box below and click the button and I’ll let you know when the product is ready for you to make a purchase; it really is that simple.


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