Snow Trax is a powered snowboard system which can easily be added and removed from your board.  No longer will you find yourself at the bottom of a slope with a zero incline run-out, lamenting the torturous half-mile walk to the next downhill.  Gone are the days of climbing from the bottom of a bowl in the off-piste, your lungs burning as you pull yourself up to the lip in thigh deep powder.

Having a Snow Trax opens up the whole mountain to you by providing the option of powering yourself along at speeds of 15 miles an hour when the going gets flat.  With just the faint whine of it’s 2 electric motors, the Snow Trax will make you the envy of boarders and skiers alike as you glide past them, onto your next adventure.

The Snow Trax was designed out of necessity.  As a boarder, I found myself planning routes around the mountain to avoid the flatter runs and difficult to access lifts (i.e. a slope up to them);  as a skier, I found myself waiting for boarders who didn’t quite make the distance on the long run-outs and traverses.  I longed to spend more time in motion, I wished to explore the mountain my way rather than having my fun governed by the all-pervading force of gravity.  I set myself the challenge of making a Snow Trax (not called that at the time, of course) after a fall at the beginning of an 800m flat run-out.  I cursed, I panted, and I fell to my knees, exhausted, after 15 minutes of walking to the next incline.

As I was building my contraption, a couple of friends asked me if they could have a Snow Trax as well.  The design is was not easy to build and required hours of machining, so it looked like I would have the only unit in existence.  That was until someone suggested that a Kickstarter campaign would provide the money and community support to bring the Snow Trax out of the cold (pun intended) and create a beautiful product for snowboarders everywhere.

Right now I’m in the building and testing phase of this project, but if you sign up in the box below with your email address, I’ll keep you up to date with how the design is going, and let you know when the Kickstarter goes live so you can get your hands on your own Snow Trax.

See you on the slopes.




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